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Membership In The Community 

As a member of The Innovators Community, you will enjoy beneifts that include:

Private Slack Community of Innovators

Access to the private Slack community where you can engage in public and private discussions and collaborations with leading innovators from around the world .

Innovation Mastermind Group

Regular Mastermind sessions with members of the community led by Phil McKinney and other innovation experts that are part of The Innovators Network.

Innovation.Tools - The Leading Store for Innovators and Creatives

25% discount on any purchase at Innovation.Tools - the leading store for innovators, creative and designers.  

Invitation to face-to-face events as a community

To extend the community beyond just the virtual, members will be invited to private face-to-face events and dinners that are exclusive for members of the community.

Why Join The Innovators Community?


. . . of CEO's believe that innovation is critically important to their organization.


. . . of CEO's believe that innovation plays a critical role in determining the value of their company.

. . . YET ONLY . . . 


. . . of CEO's are confident in their companies approach and ability to deliver consistant innovations.

The Innovators Community is a collective of award winning innovators who's products are used by 100's of millions of consumers and businesses worldwide each day.

Are You Ready?

We’ve reached the end of incrementalism. Only those companies that are capable of creating industry revolutions will prosper in the new economy.

As a result, the innovation economy is impacting professions and the skills needed to pursue them. So where do you start?

To be prepared with the right skills and to find the leaders in this new economy, join The Innovators Community!

How to win in the innovation economy

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So how much is it worth to be able to be part of a community of award winning innovators who's products and services are used by 100's of millions of consumers and businsses each day? .. Priceless .. 

Membership in the community costs about $2.50/day -- for now.

Why do we charge? We have found that free communities attract people who are not fully committed. 

The first 250 "founders" who sign-up will receive a 50% discount on the community membership and will lock in that rate for as long as they are a member of the community.

What is the charge? We give members the option of paying monthly, quarterly with a 10% discount or yearly with a 20% discount.

  • Founder Monthly: $150/month $75.00 per month or about $2.50/day
  • Founder Quarterly: $405 every three months $202.50 per quarter 
  • Founder Yearly: $1440/yearly $720 per year

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Monthly subscription to The Innovators Community

$150/month $75.00 per month

Quarterly subscription to The Innovators Community

$405/quarterly $202.50 per quarter

Annual subscription to The Innovators Community

$1440/yearly $720 per year

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