Innovation Coaching

Your Team Should Not Go It Alone When It Comes To Innovation

  • Our innovation efforts are not working
  • We can’t agree on metrics and measurements for innovation
  • We are inconsistent on how we select the ideas to work on
  • We have good ideas but can’t get organized on the next steps
  • We are inconsistent when it comes to innovation execution
  • We don’t collaborate well
  • We are having trouble getting organization buy-in
  • We have drifted from our innovation objective
  • My team lacks a language that is tailored to us
  • Our innovation agenda is ambiguous

Innovation Coaching Engagement

  • An innovation assessment against the database of your peers
  • Tailoring of a repeatable innovation framework specific to your organization
  • Team unity and alignment around a culture of innovation
  • Defined innovation metrics and measurements
  • Establishment of an innovation funnel
  • Next step action items that will bring the biggest return
  • Ongoing check-ins with feedback and guidence

How will your team benefit from an Innovation Coach?

An innovation coach provides specific instruction regarding how to improve your teams innovation performance. The coach will offer clear directives and suggestions for improvement with the objective of increasing innovation confidence.

Coaching is a great way to come up with innovative solutions for problems with your workflow, processes, or strategies.

Instead of lifeless textbook training classes, employees get practical instruction from coaches with real-world experience.

Work With An Innovation Coach

Coaching is a great way to learn from the experience of others to increase your innovation confidence.
High Impact

“The Innovators Network did an excellent job coaching me through a number of activities within the innovation lifecycle from internal structuring, positioning amongst business units, working with leadership to global marketplace collaboration.  Their proven experience and insights were invaluable”

Pablo Olivera,
Senior Innovation Manager