Innovation Community

Are You Looking For A Community Of Fellow Innovators?

  • Are you struggling to find others to share your challenges?
  • Does it seem like everyone is against what you are trying to do?
  • Are you struggling to find ways to learn and improve your innovation skills?
  • Do you have questions you’ve been unable to find an answer for?
  • Does trying to innovate on your own make your brain hurt?
  • Are you searching for innovation thought leaders to learn from?

Why Should You Join A Community of Innovators?

  • Meet people like you who are passionate about innovation.
  • Find others who can work together to go from ideas to innovations that have an impact.
  • Become an active participant in collaborative discussions that are focused on innovation and creativity.
  • Exchange ideas, share your own personal experiences and learn from others like you.
  • Go deep on the questions that don’t always have easy or obvious answers.
  • Be involved in conversations around topics like ideas, innovation leadership, brainstorming, innovation funding, ideation, inspiration, and how we can harness new research to chart a better course for innovation and its impact.
  • Learn how to take the discussions and use them to turn your ideas into real-world innovations in your own work and personal pursuits.
  • And above all, be inspired every day.
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The Innovators Community is an ecosystem of innovators, futurists, designers, and creatives who share and support each others work.  Everyone in the community — from curious college students to long-term practitioners — has an opportunity to participate and contribute to the community.

Cost: FREE

The Innovation Mastermind Group uses a peer-to-peer mentoring concept to help members share and learn from members experiences with innovation, creativity, and leadership.  Current members range from startup founders to long-term innovation leaders in Fortune 50 companies.

The Mastermind Group is hosted by Phil McKinney, the retired CTO for HP. Phil is the author of Beyond The Obvious and host of the award-winning podcast/radio show, Killer Innovations.

Phil’s is an award winning innovator whose products are used by 100’s of millions of consumers and businesses each day.

WARNING: Space is extremely limited to ensure a well functioning peer-to-peer mentoring environment.

Cost: Monthly Membership Fee