Guiding You to Disruptive Ideas That Become Game-Changing Innovations

How important is having an experienced guide to your innovation success?

The value of experience is immeasurable. Finding those with proven real-world experience ensures you become the hero who generates the disruptive ideas.



All of our guides/coaches/mentors have and are actively working as innovation leaders. One example is our co-founder, Phil McKinney. Phil retired in 2011 as the CTO for Hewlett-Packard where he was the founder of its Innovation Program Office (IPO). The IPO has been written about in many leading publications and is used as case studies at Stanford and Harvard Business Schools. Phil is the current President and CEO of CableLabs, the R&D and innovation lab for the global cable industry staffed with +200 world class technologists, innovators and research scientists. The innovations, products and services he has been directly involved with over his innovation career are used by more than 500 million consumers and businesses each and every day.

The Innovators Network brings REAL experiences, not consultants whose “experiences” are what they learned from consulting engagements or books.

What you need is confidence ..

.. of CEO’s state that innovation is critically important to the success of their organization.

.. of CEO’s say that innovation plays an important role in the assessment of company value. 

.. of CEO’s are confident in their organizations ability to innovate. 

.. of all innovation efforts fail



Our workshop is revolutionary because it teaches how to radically increase the volume AND the quality of ideas that lead to groundbreaking innovations.

The Disruptive Ideation Workshop guides your team through a proven workshop used in 1,000’s of organizations that creates more and better ideas. At the end of the workshop, you and your team will walk away with a ranked list of disruptive ideas – and the experienced to repeat the process yourself.


A coach will offer clear feedback and suggestions to ensure success with a given innovation project or program. These can include areas such as: idea/innovation opportunity, innovation roadmap development, strategic planning, funding, partnerships, resourcing, etc.

Coaching is a great way to get practical advise from innovation coaches with real-world experience. 


A Private Workshop aligns your team and removes years of confusion in less than two days.

Here’s how it works: A facilitator will come to your company and lead a customized workshop for your team. During the workshop, everyone will learn a repeatable framework that can be used to
create more and better ideas for your business. You’ll then create a funnel of ideas as a team so that everyone leaves the workshop having experienced how they can apply the framework to their role.


An innovation mentor is a trusted adviser . The mentor helps you gain broader skills that will help you become a better innovation leader throughout your entire career.

Mentors from The Innovators Network have had a successful career, starting in a similar place as you. They offer assistance through sharing their own experiences, providing valuable feedback and giving you access to their personal network.


An Individual and teams innovation and creativity skills lays the foundation to have innovation become a core capability of your organization. The Innovators Network publishes new content each week. The archive currently holds more than +400 hours of audio and countless articles.

All of this content is available for FREE.


We have found that when our clients engage with a community of their peers who are going through the same experience, everyone’s confidence increases .

The community of innovators, futurists, designers, and creatives share and support each other’s work.  Current members range from startup founders to innovation leaders in Fortune 50 companies.