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A Global Team Of Full-Time Innovators Who Bring Expertise and Experience To Guide You In Creating Game-Changing Innovations Through Hands-On Learning.

Fact:   The member of the network have been behind technologies and innovations that are today used by more than 500 million people each and every day.

Take Your Innovations To The Next Level. 

Why is The Innovators Network different from others ?

All of our guides/coaches/mentors have and are actively working as innovation leaders. One example is our co-founder, Phil McKinney. Phil retired in 2011 as the CTO for Hewlett-Packard where he was the founder of its Innovation Program Office (IPO). The IPO has been written about in many leading publications and is used as case studies at Stanford and Harvard Business Schools. Phil is the current President and CEO of CableLabs, the R&D and innovation lab for the global cable industry staffed with +200 world class technologists, innovators and research scientists. The innovations, products and services he has been directly involved with over his innovation career are used by more than 500 million consumers and businesses each and every day.

The Innovators Network brings REAL experiences, not consultants whose “experiences” are what they learned from consulting engagements or books.

When it comes to innovation, did you know ...

97 percent of CEOs know innovation is important

.. of CEO’s state that innovation is critically important to the success of their organization.

innovation is important to value for CEOs

.. of CEO’s say that innovation plays an important role in the assessment of company value.

only 35 perfent of orgs know how to innovate

.. of CEO’s are confident in their organizations ability to innovate.

75 percent of innovation efforts fail

.. of all innovation efforts fail.

Learn How To ...

The Innovators Network produces content (audio, video and written) sharing its expertise in going from raw idea to creating high-impact breakthrough innovations. This content is made available free of charge .. 

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